Changes to Aviva Myshield and MyHealthPlus

If you purchase an Aviva Myshield and MyHealthPlus integrated shield plan before 7th March 2018, please take note of the changes when you renew your plan from 1st Jan 2019 onwards. For policy owners who used to have 100% As-charged may find themselves having to pay a small portion of cash after their renewals as… Read More

Update of CPF Medishield Life Changes

There are some changes to the coverage for CPF Medishield Life. It extend coverage to 3 groups of people. Direct admission from public hospital emergency department to a community hospital. Patient who suffer from chronic intestinal failure and require intravenous nutrition Patient who suffer from trisomy 18 and alobar holoprosencephaly A review of premium will… Read More

Policies extend benefits to cover Zika Virus

The number of cases for Zika Virus in Singapore have increase to more than 300 in less than a month since Patient Zero was identified. The preventive measures advised by NEA is the most effective way to minimise the risk of becoming the next Zika virus patient. Insurance companies have also taken the initiative to… Read More