Cancer Drug List

With effect from 1st September 2022, Cancer drug list(CDL) was introduced by Ministry of Health(MOH). The purpose of CDL is to keep cancer treatment and insurance premiums affordable in the long term. This is achieved by negotiating better prices for drugs on the CDL and in return, extend subsidies for more cancer drugs. Before we go into the details of CDL and how it affects us, let us look at two terms – Cancer Drug List and Cancer Drug Services(CDS).

For CDL, only cancer drug treatments on the CDL will be claimable, up to the treatment-specific claim limits. CDS refers to services that are part of a cancer drug treatment (including treatments not on the CDL), such as consultations, scans, lab investigations, treatment preparation and administration, supportive care drugs and blood transfusions, will be claimable under the Outpatient Cancer Drug Services benefit, up to specified claims limits. CDL and CDS apply to out-patient cancer treatment. Inpatient cancer drug treatments are currently covered separately under the inpatient claim limits, together with other costs incurred during the inpatient stay.

It is not a concern to know which drug is on CDL as it is updated every 4 months. While this update seems to be too regular for us to keep abreast with the latest list, the good news is there should not be much changes unless there are strong reasons to remove or add them. Do also note that the claim limits on the drugs may be adjusted too. A better way to be updated with these information is to check with the staff in the clinic when treatment is needed. However, an important point to note is if we are on certain drugs on the CDL now and it is delisted in our next treatment, we will be subjected to the revised CDL which means we will not be able to claim for it anymore. Below is the CDL as dated 1 September 2022 sorted according to the type of Cancer.

Medisave limit on cancer treatment will be affected as well.

Your integrated shield plans from private insurers will be affected as well. The changes will come later in 1st April 2023 upon policy purchase or policy renewal. Another post that focus on the changes for private shield plans will be done soon. Please subscribe to to avoid missing out on the next post.


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