AIA Vitality

AIA Vitality is a Health Rewards Program similar to HPB 365 by Health Promotion Board. The programme takes a comprehensive approach to provide you with the tools and support to understand your health, how to improve it and offer great incentives to motivate you along the way. The results of AIA Vitality affecting the members.… Read More

“Cheated” by the insurance company

In my near 20 years in the financial advisory business, one of the most common complains by policy holders is that they were cheated by the insurance companies. It could be in the chance when a claim was submitted and being rejected or the insurance company did not pay the maturity amount as promised. In… Read More

Credit Ratings of Insurance Companies

” Don’t worry, this insurance company will not go bust. They are rank number xxx in the Fortune 500 list of companies” “This insurance company has a credit rating of AA- by Standard & Poor. You can trust this company will not go bankrupt” How often do we hear Financial Adviser Representative(FAR) making those statement… Read More

Changes to Aviva Myshield and MyHealthPlus

If you purchase an Aviva Myshield and MyHealthPlus integrated shield plan before 7th March 2018, please take note of the changes when you renew your plan from 1st Jan 2019 onwards. For policy owners who used to have 100% As-charged may find themselves having to pay a small portion of cash after their renewals as… Read More