Changes to Aviva Myshield and MyHealthPlus

If you purchase an Aviva Myshield and MyHealthPlus integrated shield plan before 7th March 2018, please take note of the changes when you renew your plan from 1st Jan 2019 onwards. For policy owners who used to have 100% As-charged may find themselves having to pay a small portion of cash after their renewals as the chart below.


What this means is before your renewal of plan in 2019, if you have Plan 1 and receive inpatient treatment by a Non-panel specialist in a private hospital , 100% of your bill is claimable. However, with the changes after your renewal, you need to pay a annual deductible amount of $500 first and the remainder of the bills are claimable. If the treatment is a Day Surgery, the annual deductible will be $250. If you have plan 2 or 3 then the pro-rated factor for private treatment will be imposed too.

We can see from the chart that the factors that determine how much to be paid by the policy holder depends on

  • Inpatient or Day Surgery
  • Panel or Non-Panel Specialist
  • With or Without Pre-authorisation letter
  • With of Without Pre-arranged appointment

While we cannot control the treatment to be inpatient or day surgery, we can definitely avoid paying the annual deductible by having a pre-arrange appointment with one of the panel specialist under Aviva.

When will the changes be effective?

The changes will be effective on 1st Jan 2019 or upon your renewal date in 2019, whichever is later.

Who are Aviva Panel of medical specialist?

You can find the specialist in Aviva panel in this list. You can either search by specialties if you have no preference of Doctor. Alternatively, you can search by Clinic or Doctor’s

How to get the Pre-authorisation letter or have a Pre-arranged appointment?

It is very convenient to make an appointment is from the search above. For example, a consultation with a Cardiologist is required and using the search, the policy holder decided to seek consultation with the specialist below.

  1. Request Appointment


2) Provide your NRIC number to verify you are a policy holder.alliance.JPG

3) Provide your details and 2 preferred dates then submit.

CaptureThe customer officers will arrange the appointment and call you when it is confirm. They will also request for any documents from the doctors on your behalf.

In case you have no access to the website or you are not internet savvy to do it, you may call +65 6664 0246 to make an appointment with a medical specialist.

Operating hours:
Mondays to Fridays 08:00 – 18:00
Saturdays 08:00 to 13:00
(Excluding Sundays and public holidays)



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