Aviva Singapore and Singlife Merger

Aviva announced a planned transaction to merge Aviva Ltd and Singapore Life Pte. Ltd. in September 2020 worth S$3.2 billion. Singapore Life Pte. Ltd., more commonly known as Singlife, is Singapore-based digital life insurance company and have been in Singapore since 2017.

As a policy holder of Aviva Ltd, how will you be affected and what needs to be done?

The transfer of business from Singapore Life Pte. Ltd.’s business to Aviva Ltd is expected to be completed by 1st Jan 2022 subject to the approval of the relevant authorities. Thereafter, Aviva Ltd shall be renamed as Singapore Life Ltd.

As an existing Aviva customer, nothing changes for you. The terms and conditions of your policy and your payment arrangements with Aviva Ltd remain the same. Aviva will write to you again upon the completion of the merger. During this period before the completion of the merger, you can continue to contact Aviva the same way that you have been doing.


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