It’s an chargeable offence …

Those who had served in the SAF, SPF or SCDF will know you can be charged for disciplinary offences. Depending on the type of offences, you could be charged in the Civil Courts, just like any Singaporeans, or in a Military Court. I served in the Guards Formation during my active days and a soldier could be charged for very minor offences like signing outside the box when we drew our weapons from the armskote room or when carbon are found on the weapons during weapon inspections. These offences may see us getting confined over the weekend (so that we cannot book out while other soldiers return home) or getting extra duties ( so that we will serve our duties during the weekends or Public Holidays). These minor offences though recorded are not made official. There are also more serious offences which will be brought to the Military Court and it could be Absence Without Leave(AWOL) to more serious ones. While there is no mention if the offences mentioned in the following discussion are those official or unofficial, my guess is only official ones i.e. offences that are charged in either a Civil or Military Court. Please seek IRAS clarification if you need to know more.

If you are a NSman, you are entitled to NSman Relief of $1,500 and $3,500 if you are a NS Key Command and Staff Appointment Holders. And if you had performed NS activities such as serving your ICT in the preceding year, the relief will be $3,000 and $5,000 respectively. There will be changes to the NSman Relief and the “old” citeria to claim this relief as follow:

NSman Self Relief

  1. You must have completed your full-time National Service under the Enlistment Act (Cap. 93); or
  2. You are deemed to have completed such service by the proper authority.
*with effect from the Year of Assessment 2021 onwards. 

Regulars from MINDEF, the Singapore Police Force or the Singapore Civil Defence Force, the *Central Narcotics Bureau, the *Singapore Prison Service and NSmen who have committed any disciplinary or criminal offences in the preceding work year are excluded.

NSman Wife Relief and NSman Parent Relief, if your spouse and parents are eligible to claim, will not be affected by this change.

Conclusion is, you get charged and your income gets charged too.

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