Freelancer CashPlus

One of the risk as a freelancer or self-employed is “Money stop when hand stop”. This means unlike salaried employees who are entitled to a monthly salary, Medical leave etc, a freelancer or self-employed person will lose that one day of income if he is on medical leave or hospitalised.

Freelancer CashPlus, underwritten by MSIG, can help to mitigate that financial loss. A freelancer or self-employed can be either one of the following occupation and do check with us if your occupation is not listed here. The premium rates will be based on the occupation class.

In a nutshell, Freelancer CashPlus provide the following benefits. The hospitalisation and outpatient treament can be due to accidental reason or illness.

Please speak to one of our financial adviser representative for details and advice.

How Freelancer CashPlus can help to minimise your financial loss?

For example, Mr A is a private-hire car driver. He fell sick and was hospitalised for 10 days. He had purchased the Freelancer Cashplus Elite plan.

The number of days claimable will be after the excess period, which is 3 days.

Therefore, he can claim 7 days x $120 =$840

This sum of money may not cover the full loss of income but it helps to reduce the loss and in this case, cover part of the operating cost such as the car rental.

Freelancer CashPlus is applicable to any Singaporeans or Permanent Residents age 18 to 75. Please submit your particulars below for an non-obligatory quote and our representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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