Policy Reviews

Whenever a financial planner asked a prospect for a review, it is common to hear people say, “I already have many insurance.” That’s because people are afraid to be sold another policy. But how do a financial planner force you to get one if there is no need for it? Remember if you sign on the spot just to shake the agent off, there’s still a 14 days Free-Look to cancel the policy & get a full refund of premium with No Questions Asked.

In most cases, a review gets a new policy because situation change and new gaps are identified. I ever did a review of someone paying to almost 10 policies and it’s all saving plans with $10,000 coverage. Just like the photos, it is not how many people can help you jump start your car but who are the effective ones. Insurance policies are not the more the merrier. Look at those that can help start your life & your dependants’. A review helps to do that.


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