Teamwork in Financial Advisory

We heard many stories about back stabbings, office politics in the world we are living today. It may be a more cruel world in a environment which your income depends on your activities for example, in an financial advisory environment. There are many stories about Financial Adviser Representative(FAR) trying to under cut each other or smear another FAR to win a deal. I had personally encounter one such incident many years back. Having seen the negative practices of many FARs, I am very glad to receive an whatsapp message a few days ago.

In Avallis, we have clients from FARs who had left the business or resigned from the company. These clients will be assigned to FARs who are still in the company to ensure they are still being serviced. It can be an unappreciative job because in most cases, the new FARs may be servicing without being remunerated. There can also be some situation where FAR managed to get new business or referrals from these clients.

Recently one such client sent a text to a FAR in my team indicating her interest to make an purchase. This FAR could have just proceed to close the deal and get the commission. However, the FAR told the client that another FAR is servicing her and should get from him instead. The FAR not only refer the client to the “correct” person but also help to link them up.


I am glad to see such teamwork within the company especially in our team. And I would like to introduce this FAR in the team – Sharon Ng. I think people like them needs recognition and if possible, support them too!

Together we grow as one… You’ll Never Walk Alone!


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