Should an Algorithm Tell You Who to Promote?


I saw this article in LinkedIn & thought what a ridiculous idea. How would that algorithm assess my performance? How would it know what I did n what am I good at? How would it know I put in more or less effort than my colleagues? But did you realised that this algorithm has been in place for years. That algorithm is your superior. They are the algorithm to determine who to promote n how much increments one should get during appraisal.

I interviewed a candidate for the position as a financial consultant. She felt there is no financial security cos it is commission.

I shared with her my views. When you are paid a salary, the company engage you for service with a fee. If they can engage you when they need your service, they can terminate that service as well when they don’t need it. If your salary and job is determined by a third party, what kind of security are we looking at?

A financial consultant averagely have 100 clients. He may lost 10% of these clients for many reasons. Will the financial consultant be retrench? Yes, if he managed to lose all his client. Due to different expectations, a financial consultant may piss off 5-10% of his client but to piss off all the 100 clients… IMHO, that’s an achievement too.



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