CPF Nomination and Insurance Beneficiary Nomination.

CPF Nomination and Insurance Beneficiary Nomination is similar to Wills which are legal ways to distribute one’s estate to the rightful person.  A CPF Nomination will be revoke when a marriage take place but an divorce will not change anything. What this means is that if no changes was made, the ex-spouse can still have a share of your CPF Money after a divorce. However, many do the nomination, cast it aside and never review it again. Make it a habit to review these nomination as you set your goals for the new year.

Do note that the CPF monies used to

  • purchase stocks, insurance and other CPF-approved investment
  • within your CPFIS account

will not be included in your CPF Nomination.

In additional to the above, the following will not be included in your CPF Nomination as well.

  • Dependant protection scheme payout
  • Properties purchased with your CPF money.

To summarize, only the following can be distributed according to your CPF Nomination.

  • Money in your CPF Ordinary, Special and Medisave account
  • Money in your Retirement Account & unused CPF Life premium
  • Discounted Singtel Shares



Always review your CPF nomination and insurance beneficiary every few years especially when a major event like marriage or newborn arise. I ever did a review for my client who was married for a few years who had her insurance policy beneficiary as her poly friend who is no longer in contact! Please don’t make your loss a ToTo winning for some strangers!

In case you are not sure who are your nominees or beneficiaries, don’t waste time checking…just do a fresh one n it will supercede the previous. If you need any help, speak to a lawyer or your financial advisor representative.

Some concerns when I spoke to clients about CPF Nomination are 

1. Do they need to make CPF Nomination when they have a Will?

A Will not not cover the distribution of CPF money so it is still good to have a CPF Nomination else it will be distributed according to the Intestate Succession Act.

2. Can a Muslim make CPF Nomination?



(Source: The Straits Time, 27/09/2010)

Please refer to this link for Insurance Beneficiary Nomination.