Agency Management Retreat 2015

Avallis Financial Pte Ltd had its Agency Management Retreat on 2nd-3rd Nov’15.
A great 2 days session with guest speakers from CEOs from the financial industries, marketing industry etc to help the managers have a view of the financial advisory industry of the next few years.


Much of the manager’s brain juice were dried after 2 days as we spent our days re-looking at the current practice to ensure its relevance to the financial industry today so that we can continue to provide the same, if not better, financial service and advice to our clients. The company operations were also discussed and improved to help our advisers operate their business easier in this ever changing industry.  As a company, we need to ensure training and compliance is always tip-top in this highly-compliance industry especially when financial products get more complex today.AtNZj1CIV1CPhvIuMJpgDGMHTe3zu2koMNOm6L1AI9F_

After a day of hard work, we all deserved a rest 🙂