Talk on Insurance Fraud


Insurance fraud are still rampant in today’s environment. It was common that failing companies set fire to their own shop or office and make fraudulent claims in the 80s and it was a difficult task back then due to the technology we had back then.

Mr. Chan Hwee Seng, who is a very experience lost adjustor, shared with the audience how investigation works were done to proof an insurance fraud. It can be a simple claims of faking a medical bills for the travel insurance to complicated murder cases. Two of the more prominent cases he had handled locally was (you might remember this if you are as old or older than me) the Sunny Ang case off Sister Island. A more recent case was the case of a vagrant who was brought to a holiday in Cambodia but was found drown the hotel room.

The reasons why people want to fraud a claim is obvious that is to get money pay out to them. However, there are also some “little white lies” type of fraud which is to either recover premiums paid over the years or to make an extra claim to cover the excess. These while may seem harmless are the more common ones. A suspected insurance fraud can be confirm by simply interviewing the claim person or to get forensic investigation work done to prove a claim was premeditated and not accidental.

My point is insurance have been around for more than a century and numerous claims were made, paid and rejected. Whatever idea one can think to make a fraudulent claim, someone else would had thought of, tried and failed. If the idea happens to be totally new, the forensic science today will be able to identify the fraud. So, please think thrice before making a fraudulent claim or I should say…Don’t even think about it.