Free MediShield Life consultations to be introduced from November – Channel NewsAsia

The one-on-one consultations aim to help residents understand how they benefit from the new MediShield Life national healthcare scheme.

The Free Medishield Life scheme consultation will be expanded to several other community centers. As a volunteer to this pro-bono exercise, I can assure you that there will be absolutely no selling during the consultation. In fact, as a volunteer, we are not even allow to disclose which company we are from. Neither we are allow to give out our name cards, contact number, email etc.

The volunteers will also avoid talking about the Integrated Shield Plans(IPs) offered by the private insurers company so do not expect a volunteer to do a comparison of the IPs. And should you have other queries on your other policies e.g. your whole life or saving plans that you bought many years ago and need clarification on certain terms etc, please leave those documents at home because the volunteers will not advice anything except Medishield Life.

Nevertheless, should you have the problems as mentioned above, please speak to a financial consultant. He will be in a better position to assess your situation better and give a suitable recommendation.

Source: Free MediShield Life consultations to be introduced from November – Channel NewsAsia