I’m on Medical leave

I’m on medical leave for six weeks for my surgery and I’m just into my first.

I was discharged from hospital on Sunday and had some good rest. And some key things that I did for this week.


Monday – My new financial adviser sent me a proposal for his prospect. I did a review and reply to the mail on what can be done better.

Tuesday – Submitted a Workman Injury Compensation Insurance for my client.

Wednesday – The same client send an email asking for medical insurance coverage for their new staff and I did up some proposals for their consideration.

Thursday – Mailed out a change form to my client and the reply to be send to my company. My colleagues will follow up with it if I’m not back in office yet.

Friday –  A friend cannot find her agent. It seems that the agent is also on MC and can’t help her with her request. I advice her what to do and email her the forms to get the necessary done. 

In today’s environment, there is very little thing you can’t do if you want to do it. I understand the need to rest if one is sick but there should be someone else who can help you with your work, especially urgent matters. 

I feel bad that there are something that I have to inconvenience my clients and my colleagues during this period of time and I thank them for their kind understanding.