My personal experience for a hospital stay

I was hit by a Achilles Tendon Ruptured recently and it required me to have a surgery.

I went to the first doctor and he told me all I need is to go for a day surgery and will be able to return home after the general anesthesia effect goes off. I wasn’t very comfortable with him as I felt he did not do a proper assessment and my life experience tells me he is not one who really cares for his patient. My friend who is in Sports therapy told me to seek another doctor’s opinion and I went to one of his contacts.

The doctor did a slightly more through check and suggested surgery too since it’s a complete ruptured. When I asked if it will be a day surgery, he suggested it is better to be warded for a day or two to assess the wounds. And if the pain is too severe after the GA wears off, I will have the professionals around to look after me in the hospital. I felt that make more sense too.

I did my surgery at the next available slot and it went smoothly.

Throughout these consultations and treatments, I have not once asked about the bills. When the receptionist asked what ward type do I want, I have no second thoughts and reply,” Give me the single-bedded.”

I have no worries about the bill or the ward type because my hospital plan allows me to stay up to a Single-bedded ward in a Private ward and pays “As-charged”.




I need not fork out a Single cent out of the $15,000 bills as the Letter of Guaranteed from my insurer waives my deposit that is require at the point of admission and nothing comes out from my CPF Medisave Account.

I am not saying this is the best plan in the market and just like every individual, I hate to pay the insurance premiums. But when the time comes, I am glad to say I had paid the premiums and not the medical bills. When the time to be admitted, the last thing I want in my mind is “How much is the bill?”. I would rather think ” Is this the best treatment I can choose?”