The best thing you ever received.

What’s the best thing that you had ever received?

Some might say a hand phone, camera, diamond ring, cash, car or even a house.

Those who read my post in Facebook may had saw a request for a blood donors who are O Negative. I received a private message via Facebook from a friend to help him spread the news that his friend is in ICU and is searching for blood donor.

Now, to be asked again – What’s the best thing that I had ever received?

I would say if I received request to help. WHY???

When I receive a help request, it means that I am not the one in need. It also means I may be in a better position cos I may have the ability to help.

This brought me back to one of the few things that I took away from the AFA Conference today. The job as an Financial Advisor/Life Insurance Agent is as simple as the clip shown below.

The man being the life insurance agent.
The gazelle being the client.
The cheetah being the