Re: Change of servicing agent (Part II)

You might had learnt of some unpleasant incident that occured sometimes back in my post on 13/08/2011. Let me first thank you for the encouraging words that you had given me and I’m a very glad to know that almost all you you agreed on my post. There are some friends and clients still sms-ing with regards to that issue and showering their concern. I am pleased to update you that it had come to a closure and most important, the client and me are still good buddies.

My friend/client will be still transferring the policies to that agent but I got him to re-draft the letter.

First, I got him to retract the initial letter to request for the transfer. The reason for doing this is because the initial letter was drafted by the Manulife agent and he had no idea what was the content in th “general template” when he signed on it. I felt that it was an abused of his trust. Most important of all, the agent is putting my client in a very disadvantage and dangerous position because he had signed on it. I have no intention of seeking legal action against that agent but that another banker or agent may not hesistate to do it. I cannot say that I will not seek any actions in future either. If I were to take action against the agent, I will have to take action against my client first since only hiss name and signature appear on that letter! The agent will enter into these only when my client defends himself and points the finger to the agent. Those who knows the law better may want to advice if its correct or not but nevertheless, I think it is good to discharge his own liability by this letter.

In the second letter, it is to request for the transfer. A general request transfer that carries no heavy words, no attacks on others but still gets the transfer done!

I had agreed to the transfer and the ball is with Manulife now to act on the request.


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