Promotion for Personal accident plans

Accidents, together with poisoning and violence, are the main reason for hospitalisation. In many situations, the accidents may not be serious enough to be hospitalised. For example, spraining our ankle while playing football or other sports, burns from cooking, falling from wet floor etc. These treatment usually will not cost more than $500 and many have to come from our own pocket since we are unable to claim our integrated shield plans or employee benefits. A personal accident plan like the following may help us to mitigate the cost.

PA Assurancei50 InsurancePA Guard
– Comprehensive protection with the option to add on coverage for 21 infectious diseases- Medical expenses up to $20,0002 for each injury due to an accident or covered infectious disease- 40% discount on premiums for children3– All-round essential protection with coverage for accidents and 21 infectious diseases- Include all your dependant children4 at no additional premiums with family plans5– Protect your home too with the Home 360 plan– Flexibility to build your coverage according to your needs- Choose from 4 levels of protection- Add on optional lifestyle maintenance benefits and hospitalisation benefits for extra protection
Plans start from
$198 a year.
Plans start from
$180 a year.
Plans start from
$153 a year.
Minimum Premium of Yearly PremiumCapitaVouchers
$900 & above$200

The promotion ends on 31 December 2022.  

Drop us a to find out more or complete the form below for us to contact you.


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