Covid-19 and Financial Adviser Representative

COVID-19 had affected every industry and financial adviser representative were not spared. I decided to conduct a survey and see how it affected us. This survery was conducted in a facebook group known as ” Insurance Discussion SG” and a total of 26 financial adviser representatives took part in it. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for taking their precious time to help with this survey. Although it is a small number of sampling and the result may not be accurate to speak for the financial planning industry, I think it will not be too far off either. So, let us see what’s the result!

Participants can cast their votes from -100 to 100 and it is a good sign that despite this pandemic, there is no financial adviser who suffered a drop in business. And majority grew their business by 50% and 100%

A fair result of 50% each and this is a good indicated that a Financial Adviser Representative needs to take the initiative to reach out to our clients regardless of the current sutuation.

A wide spread of business are underwritten during this period.

I hope this curb the misconception that the company will not take care of the representative. A clear 42.31% win from the next in line!

My guess is the different grants for the different group of Singaporeans are effect thus have such a evenly spread choice.

In my opinion, I will choose to ignore the close to 50% who chose Neutral as it is just sitting on the fence. If we look at the Optimistic views are more than twice of those with pessimistic views. This is a good indicator that tomorrow will be better as long as we fight on!

A good balance of age here.

Most important is the suggestions shared by those who participated to help fellow financial practitioners during this pandemic. There are as follow:


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