Who get$ what?

Due to the Circuit Breaker, there are more users of food delivery services to have food sent to their residence or office to avoid the crowd in the hawker centers, coffee shops or restaurants. There are also many new stall hawkers venturing into these food delivery platforms since less customers are visiting their stalls. And there were many hawkers who had complained the cost of being on the platform is too high and eat into their revenue that is already very thin as they sold the food very cheaply.

Thus, Grab reply this info-graphic to show the cost.














Is the comission of GrabFood too much? Afterall, they are doing nothing. The one that is actively working are the hawkers who cook and the delivery guy who sends the food. This is my personal view.

First, I don’t agree to the 30% comission or platform fee but I accept it because the fact is GrabFood or any platform is not a charity organisation.

People may find it expensive and the comission is not justifiable because as mentioned earlier the platform technically sit there and do nothing but get paid while the delivery guy or the hawker are the one really working yet need to give a share to the platform. But have you seen the time that was spent to streamline the process, create the apps, set up the system etc to make it seamless for both the hawker and consumer?

Nobody likes to be taken for a ride or “pay extra” but how many actually ask the hawker to break down his cost when we buy that prata, mee rebus or Char kway teow? Moreover, Grab have been taking a cut from the private hired vehicle drivers too. Did anyone find it unjust when Grab take a cut from the private hire vehicle drivers?

That also brings me to the common comment of insurance agent getting too much comission for selling an insurance. Maybe it is because all they see is the agent sitting in front of them selling a product just like Grab getting a cut for “doing nothing”. If that’s the case, it might be time to review the insurance agent, just like an employer who thinks the staff is over-paid and under-worked. I am not starting a debate if comission is too much, too low or just right. Neither I am going to start debating if fee or comission based is a better model for financial advisory. Do ask the insurance agent how much time was spent on evaluating the client’s situation and finding the solution. These are time spent that were not seen just like the background work done by Grab. An example is shown as below. To have a favorable terms for one client with medical condition, a financial adviser may have to repeat the application process more than once to various insurers and see which insurer offer the best terms.

Annotation 2020-04-18 140552



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