Improved Pre-authorisation process for Aviva Myshield Policy Holders

Aviva  had improved the panel and pre-authorisation process for MyShield customers.

With effect from 1st Feb 2020, policy holders of Aviva Myshield can use an e-card through Aviva ClaimConnect by using this portal.


For your convenience, you can also use the apps via iTunes for Apple users or Goggle Play for Android users. You can install by scanning the QR Codes for the apps.

Apple.png                                 Android.png

iTunes                                                          Goggle Play

What are the benefits for this Myshield e-card?

  • Flash your MyShield e-card at any of the Aviva panel specialist clinics to enjoy preferred consultation rates:

– First consultation fee: S$120 (before GST)

– Follow-up consultation fee: S$70 (before GST)

  • Use ClaimConnect app to check if your specialist is on the panel, search for a suitable medical specialist and make an appointment
  • Request for pre-authorisation through the 24/7 hotline


You can also get priority access to see a private medical specialist and to request for a Certificate of Pre-authorisation by calling Aviva’s new 24/7 hotline at 1800 8800 880

Do take note that Pre-authorisation is available subject to the following terms and conditions:
• The inpatient treatment or day surgery is done at a private hospital or private clinic in Singapore;
• The principal doctor must be our panel specialist;
• You make the request at least 5 working days before the admission date; and
• The admission date is within 6 weeks from the request date.

Do take note of the pro-ration factor for treatments in a private hospital or clinic if you are under Myshield Plan 2, 3 or Standard plan. Do check with your agent if you are not sure regarding your coverage.


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