Autism Awareness Day


As explained by Autism Resource Centre (Singapore), Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects a person’s ability to make sense of the world and relate with others. Thus they are often misunderstood by many from their behaviors and some may choose to avoid interaction with them.

Some good news – Autism is is not a disease and it cannot be ‘caught’ or ‘cured’. Many with autism become successful members of society with early intervention and education.

2nd of April is Autism awareness day, please share the right information regarding autism to people that you know.


Severe self-injury is a behavior that occurs in a some of children and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). For that reason, many insurers rejects application of a person with autism. In additional to creating awareness for autism, there is a need to create an awareness of this plan that is created specially for children with autism. It covers both the parents and the child for different benefits.

The table of coverage is as below.


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