Presentation on Medishield Life.

Matthew Ho conducted a presentation on Medishield Life on 1st March 2017 to a group of teachers. It was his first presentation and it was very successful.


The audience were great and the session were interactive as they shared their experiences and clarified their queries.

One of the audience have a child with congenital diseases and was curious what could be done. Another shared the experience of a relative hit with cancer and she was prepared to sell off her property to fund the hospital bills but was thankful these plans were around to pay it off. 20170301_155824_mh1488513934425

The audience also gave us  good feedback which included comments like our position as an Independent Financial Advisor make it “less pressuring” because we did not end the  session with a sales nor we do it at any point in the presentation.

Our position also allow us to make an objective view on Medishield Life as well as other similar plans in the market. During this session, we also have a brief sharing on other area of financial planning such as Eldershield and retirement planning.

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After the presentation ended, we proceed to an 1-to-1 session and answer to some queries that the individuals may want to seek further clarification. We were glad that our objective of the session i.e. to give the audience a better clarity of Medishield were met.


If you are interested to have a similar session for your staff, please fill in the form and we will contact you to make the arrangement. We look forward to hear from you.


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