Medical Insurance that covers Maternity Benefits

Maternity packages in Singapore ranges from around $3,500-$7,500. If you add know the Gynae checks during the Trimester, the total expenses can add up to easily 5 figures. (
If you or your friends are planning to have a baby in the next 12-24 months, let me know. I may be able to help you cover these cost. The article is solely for the purpose of providing information and no intention of providing advice in any way.

There are many medical insurance in Singapore known as International Medical Insurance(IMI) Plans. In additional to the usual Room & Board and Surgical benefits, these plans have more comprehensive coverage such as dental or even maternity benefit.

One of the plans have the following benefits.

  • Routine maternity benefit and childbirth cover

Available once the mother has been covered by the policy for 12 months or more. Inpatient and outpatient treatment, including hospital charges, obstetricians’ and midwives’ fees. Up to the maximum amount USD14,000

For Homebirths, the maximum claim amount is up to USD1,100.

  • Complications from maternity

 Available once the mother has been covered by the policy for 12 months or more. Inpatient an  outpatient treatment for complications resulting from pregnancy. Caesarean sections are only covered when these are required by medical necessity. Up to the maximum amount USD28,000

  • Newborn Care

This section allows the newborn’s routine care to be claimed up to 10 days; maximum of USD156,00. More importantly, all treatment required for the baby during the first 90 days after birth. What this means is the incident experienced by a blogger by the name of Heartland Boy could have been avoided. Thankfully the damaged caused financially was not a huge sum and the baby recovered well.

In most IMIs, congenital conditions are covered too.

Do note that this article is an introduction to IMI Maternity Benefit and is not an advice or product recommendation. The benefits mentioned are in general and terms & condition may apply. For more information, please speak to a financial adviser via the form below.


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updated as 1st Jan 2019