Travel Insurance & the supporting documents for claims

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One of the delays in claiming a benefit under Travel Insurance is the lack of supporting document or information to let the claim officers assess a claim. I hope this article can provide you with information of the supporting documents required for respective benefits in a travel insurance policy so as to expedite & make your claim as hassle free as it can be.

The following are compulsory documents regardless of your claims

  1. Flight itinerary/Boarding pass/Passport stamp that shows the departure date and date of arrival.


Personal Accident/Injury

  • Police report
  • Medical Report/Discharge summary for the inquiry.
  • Original medical bills

Medical Expenses/ Death claim

  • Original medical bills
  • Medical report or discharge summary for the injury or illness
  • Death certificate, autospy report, coroner’s findings (death claim)
  • Proof of relationship between deceased and claimant (death claim)

Trip Cancellation/Curtailment claim

  • Tour itinerary
  • Tour booking invoice or receipt
  • Travel agency/airline confirmation on the cost of non-refundable prepaid travelling expenses (including cancellation fees)
  • Written advice/medical certificate from a qualified attending medical practitioner confirming unfit to travel
  • Death certificate (Where someone’s death caused this cancellation & the decease must be your Next-of -kin. Check policy for details )
  • Proof of relationship between deceased/injured/sick person

Overbooked Flight/Missed Connection/Travel Delay/Baggage Delay claim

  • Airline/bus/cruise operator or their handling agent(s) confirmation on the cause and duration of delay/overbooked flight/missed connection
  • Delay report and acknowledgement slip from the Airline if  it is a baggage delay claim

Personal Baggage/Loss of money/Travel Documents claim

  • Police report lodged at place of loss within 24 hours
  • Baggage loss or damage report from the airport.
  • Authority (eg. airline) confirmation letter stating compensation amount.
  • Photographs of damage
  • Take note of the Make & Model of the luggage if its a damage claim.
  • Original repair bill (damaged items)/purchase receipt or warranty card of lost/damaged items


The details may seem long and to help you, just remember

– If any item damages/loss or injury occur in public, make a police report.

– If it happen in the hotel or other places of stay, get a report from the incident reporting center.

– If it happens during transit, get the report from the airline, train station etc or the Airline.

And of course, the easiest way is to get it from a financial advisor so he can advice you on what to do during a claim.