Why I love my job.

After a review session with my client, we had a casual chat. He then popped a question to me. He asked, ” How can you stay motivated in the same job for the last 12 over years? What keeps you going?”

 My career milestone ran through my mind in that split seconds but my reply was short. I told him, “Just job satisfaction. To help my client when its least expected and most needed.” He then said,” Yeah, I can understand. Most have the job satisfaction when it comes to claims especially death claims.” I told him that I really hate doing claims althought its part of my job. Not because I hate the adminstrative work but because it means someone lost a love one. If I have the ability, I would rather give them their love ones instead of the million dollar cheque. For no money can replace that emotional loss!

I cited an case in my earlier career days when I was still doing canvassing. I knocked on the door of this family whose son was entering Poly but they did not have enough money for the fees. However, he got some money in CPF but the rules back then was you need to satisfied the CPF prevailing minimum sum before you can ultilise your CPF for education. And because of this regulation, he failed to use his CPF for his son’s education. I looked into his CPF Statement and saw that something can be done to meet the regulation requirement. And with that, the son went into poly and graduated. He is now happily married and earning well as an engineer in an oil rig firm. If there was nothing done, that teenage boy back then may have to stop his education after his O-level & his life might had changed.

On that day, it was just another job. But to look back today, that little normal routine job which I did some 10yrs ago created a positive impact on a life. That’s the kind of job satisfaction I am more concern about.

Moving on to management, I get different level of satisfaction. From getting a newbie into the business, to coach him/her with little skill and knowledge to someone who is independent. It will be a greater satisfaction if they can lead their own team in the near future.