Hand Foot Mouth Diease(HFMD)

I did a claim for my elder boy, Xavier, on Hand Foot Mouth Disease some years back. I am prepared that my  younger boy, Xanthus, will contract it since he is attending a childcare now. However, I didn’t expect it to be so fast.

Anyway, there is very little reason why you should not get a plan that covers not just HFMD but food poisoning and other injuries that are common to children especially when it can be Free of charge!

Tenet PA Star(http://www.tenetinsurance.com/DocsLibrary/Docs/Brochure/PAStar.pdf) will provide free cover* for the child as long as both the parents are under the plan. For parents who wants a more comprehensive children cover can consider Tenet PA Junior(http://www.tenetinsurance.com/DocsLibrary/Docs/Brochure/PA_Junior.pdf)

*please refer to brochure for details of free cover.

With premiums less than a $1 a day to cover for the whole family and the high HFMD cases these days, this simple affordable plan cannot be ignored. Drop me an email or sms at 9746-4655 if your need any info.