Contributions to the family of the late Mr. Cheng Teck Hock

The accident at Bugis Junction still shock most people. Although the fault party is the Ferrari driver who not only dash across the red lights but also travel at a speed that we would see in an F1 race, there are still discussion of the taxi driver start off too fast. To those who have alternate opinions, I hope you realize that the accident can happen to the 2nd car, 3rd car etc regardless who slow these vehicle set off.

The investigation showed the Ferrari driver was not drink driving. If he had been drink driving , regardless drunk or not, the insurer of his Ferrari will void his policy and will not make compensation to the parties involved. The victims will have to sue him for damages and this process is always costly & lengthy. The only consolation in this accident that the insurer will have to compensate the victims and this will make the process a lot more easier.

Let us do something more constructive and make some donations to the family of the late Mr. Cheng Teck Hock. Our donation might not give them a fish to last a lifetime but hopefully it is sufficient to let them learn how to fish so it can last them a lifetime. To make donation to the deceased Cabby’s family, please issue cheque to –
“LIM CHOO ENG” and mail them to The Cheng Family, c/o Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd, 383 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575717, Attn: Customer Service Centre, by the end of this month(31/05/2012).