Maternity Insurance

As a concerned parent-to-be, there are many things to plan. It might be the renovations to the baby room to which hospital to deliver or planning for the cost of delivery which is not cheap these days. And some parents may be concern about the “What-if” during pregnancy or delivery.


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If you are thinking of buying a maternity insurance, it is highly that you are pregnant now so let me first congratulate you. 

Maternity Insurance helps to reduce the financial loss in those “What-if” situation. Typically, a maternity insurance covers

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There are currently more than 5 insurance companies offering maternity insurance. Which is the right plan for you? Other than premium, the differences in coverage are the numbers of pregnancy complication and congenital illnesses are considerations for the parent-to-be. The number of numbers of pregnancy complication varies from 7 to 10 and congenital illnesses can be as little as 17 to as many as 23. 

As an independent financial adviser, we are able to find out your needs and what is best for you. We did a summary of benefit for your ease of comparison. All you need is to provide your details and we will send the comparison chart to you.

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