Travel insurance does not cover pre-existing medical condition.

Singapore man in coma returning from Tokyo after daughter raises $250k online 

The above news was published on ST Online (01/05/2017). A sad case where travel insurance was in place but claims were rejected as the coma was caused by an heart attack which was an pre-existing medical condition before the travel insurance was taken up.

It is a common exclusion most, if not all, Travel insurance to exclude claims resulted from pre-existing medical conditions. Therefore, elderly travellers or travellers with pre-exisiting medical conditions are strongly encouraged to consider a travel insurance that covers these pre-existing conditions. It may be more costly than the usual travel insurance but having a typical travel insurance is as good as get a cheap, punctured tyre to keep in your car booth to be used as a spare tyre. Other than making yourself feel safe, there’s nothing really much it can do. NTUC Enhanced PreX Travel Insurance plans can cover some of these medical conditions.

A summary of cover for the plans is as follow


Please submit the form below you need more information for the NTUC Enhanced PreX Travel Insurance plans.




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