​My client referred a friend to me but told me, “This person’s finances are in deep sh*t.  She needs a review of her insurance n investment portfolio but very very unlikely to get anything.  Do you want her contact? ”

I told her to pass her my number and contact me anytime. To cut the story short, we met up and it was a bad situation but maybe not end of the world situation yet. I won’t be disclosing the case due to P&C reasons. 

While going thru the stuffs,  she said, ” I wished I had a rewind button so I won’t be in this situation. ” I replied,  ” Instead of asking for a rewind button,  why not you work on the play button or better still,  a fast forward button to get you out of this situation ASAP?   Sitting here,  going thru these… You are working on it. ”

It is common that people always think “If only…then… “. My point is there is no point crying over spilled milk or over things beyond our control.  I won’t be surprised that with a rewind button,  a person will still be in the situation because the person had not change n decision made is still the same. 

Let us change what we can and that’s “US”. With that change,  we change the future.