Eldershield and Eldershield Supplement

ElderShield is a severe disability insurance scheme that provides basic financial protection to those who are not able to do simple daily activities and need long-term care, especially in their old age.​

Eldershield 300 was launched on September 2002. It pays $300/month for 60 months if the insured is not able to perform any 3 out of the 6 Activities of Daily Livings(ADLs). The 6 ADLS are shown below.


In September 2007, an improved Eldershield was launched and renamed Eldershield 400. The enhancement made are

  1. Benefit payout per month – From S$300 to S$400
  2. Payout duration –  From 60 months to 72 months

While the enhancement are good, it is still not sufficient to get a decent help. For example, a maid to take care of you will cost more than $400 per month. For those who wants a higher benefit payout every month or to enjoy a longer period of payout duration, you can consider getting the Eldershield supplements from Aviva, NTUC Income or Great Eastern.

A summary of benefits for the Eldershield Supplements is shown below.


These supplement allows benefit payout to be as much as $3,500 per month and the premiums can be paid using your CPF Medisave account subject to a limit of $600 per life assured.

Do speak to a financial adviser to have a proper assessment of which Eldershield supplement suit you the most.


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