CPD hours for Rules & Regulations


With effect from 1st January 2016, a registered financial adviser must fulfill a minimum of 8 hours of Continuous Professional Development(CPD) training hours on Rules & Regulations.

I have to admit such sessions can be disruptive to our work schedules but to get ourselves updated with the latest rules and regulations is very important because our industry is highly regulated. The rules can stiffen our job and sometime cause inconveniences to our clients but it is important as the way of money laundering and funding to terrorism gets more and more creative. The risk increases as we deal more clients from different countries. They may be locals and the source of funds may be in question as well.

This topic is a very dry subject but the trainer did a fantastic job to share real examples of how some regulations were breached and  we learn a lot from him. Thus, I am happy to see that while there are some online courses that allow the financial adviser to take the assessment at own time and place,  a handful of my colleagues and myself took the trouble of travelling down to AXA University and complete the 2  half-day sessions. And of course, the usual catching up with fellow practitioners may it be from own or other firms.