Funny incidents at work

Sharing some funny incidents that happen in the course of work.

1) I was explaining a medical plan to a prospect…
Me: This plan will cover you globally, 24 hours per day.
Prospect: You mean I cannot claim anything if I’m injured on the 25th hour?

2) There’s a medical plan with an accumulative annual limit of USD850. You can use it for Mammogram, PAP smear test, Colon cancer screen, Prostrate cancer screen & other prevention test. After explaining, Prospect cited an example.
Prospect: Does that mean if I claim $200 for PAP Smear, the max I can claim for Prostate cancer screen is $650?
Me: Technically you are right but that is very unlikely to happen….

3) There is a particular critical illness plan provide benefits for Death, Total & Permanent Disability(TPD) and multiple critical illness claims as compare to most that will terminate once you make a claim. For e.g. in most policy where a insured claims say Major cancer, the policy will terminates once the payout is successful. This policy allows the claims for Major Cancer to be paid and if the insured suffered stroke, he can claim for stroke again.

The prospect understood the plan well and then asked,” How about death & TPD? Can do multiple claims?”