An epic situation when a web designer does not think as a web user.

I was searching for some information on my client’s motor insurance policy on the insurer’s webpage. I need to know the latest list of repair centers for his policy so I click on the question – Where can I send my vehicle for any repairs?

In most cases, the webpage will return with a page that shows the list of repair centers, the contact number, the address and operating hours of these centers. However, this particular insurer is interesting… it return with a answer that says “Please refer to your Auto Certificate of Insurance for the list of workshops where you may send your vehicle for repairs. “.

As a consumer, I would like to have such information on the net as these repair centers are changed often without anyone’s knowledge. There are instances where consumers called up the list of repair centers on the policy documents only to find that they are no longer in contract with the insurer.

I’m also wondering I’m just wondering how many of us will look for information over the net when the information is easily accessible in your hand.