–            Source from FPSB website.


Denver, CO – 27 January 2014 – Financial Planning Standards   Board (FPSB), owner of the international CERTIFIED FINANCIAL   PLANNER certification program, reported that the number of CFP professionals   worldwide reached 153,376 CFP professionals at year-end 2013, up almost 5,500   or 3.76 percent from year-end 2012.


For the second year running, FPSB’s member organization in the   U.S. and People’s Republic of China led the pack, increasing the number of   CFP professionals in their territories last year by 1,886 and 1,782   respectively. FPSB’s member organization in Japan was third in terms of   annual growth, adding 628 CFP professionals. These three territories,   together with Australia and Canada, represent the five largest national   populations and 82 percent of the world’s CFP professionals.


The top three in terms of growth were followed by strong CFP   professional growth from FPSB’s member organization in Brazil, which grew by   nearly 40 percent in 2013 by adding 356 CFP professionals. Members in South   Africa, the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia and India all added more   than 100 professionals each, continuing the important role growth markets   play in establishing financial planning as a global profession and CFP   certification as its symbol of excellence.


“It’s clear that the concept of financial planning and the   value of CERTFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification has taken hold   globally,” said Noel Maye, FPSB CEO. “With more than 150,000 CFP   professionals committed to rigorous standards of competency, ethics and   professionalism, the global financial planning profession stands ready to put   clients’ interests first and assist them in achieving their financial and   life goals.”


Since 2002, FPSB has increased the number of territories   offering CFP certification by almost 50 percent (from 17 to 25), and the   number of CFP professionals has more than doubled during that time.


Maye added, “As FPSB looks to celebrate its 10-year   anniversary this year, we’re proud of the gains we’ve made and growth will   continue to be a key focus for the organization. In addition to supporting   existing member organizations with growth plans, FPSB has identified several   markets as potential opportunities for CFP certification growth, including:   Chile, Italy, Mexico, the Middle East, Peru, Poland, the Russian Federation,   Spain, Turkey and Vietnam.”


Growth in Europe was solid at 6.2 percent, with all of FPSB’s seven   member organizations in that region adding CFP professionals, ending the year   with a total of 4,903 CFP professionals in Europe. Among FPSB’s 12 member   organizations in Asia-Pacific, the number of CFP professionals increased by   more than 3,000 (5.7 percent) to total 56,396, representing 37 percent of the   global CFP professional community. In the Americas, where Brazil, Canada and   the U.S. are home to 57 percent of the world’s CFP professionals, the number   increased by 2.3 percent to 87,504. FPSB’s member organization in South   Africa added 178 people, growing the number of CFP professionals in that   territory to 4,513 by year-end 2013. FPSB partnered with the Union of   Financial Planners in Israel (UFPI) to deliver for the first time an   FPSB-administered CFP exam in a territory, resulting in 61 CFP professionals.

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