Worst part of my job

People used to asked me,” What’s the worst part of your job?” when I first started my career as a Financial Adviser. My replied would either be having to make cold calls or to face rejection from the prospects.

Some 10 years later, the same question was posed to me again. My replied was to make claims for my policy holders.

Now that I’m into my 15th year of business, I still have people asking me the same question i.e. What is the worst part of my job. Today, I will say that I still make cold calls & faced rejection but I’m used to it. I still make claims for my clients but its lesser and that’s good because it means they are healthier.

So, what’s my worst part of my job now??

The worst part of my job is to keep information that are private & confidential as the way it is. We can’t disclose anything to anyone without the Policy Holder’s permission. A policy holder had made a claim against critical illness and he has no intention to inform his friends…who happens to be my friends. I still have to keep these as Private & Confidential…. I don’t like this part of my job.