Trigger Finger

I broke my finger tendon on Oct 2010 during a soccer game. It was diagnosed as a condition known as ‘ Trigger Finger’ because the injuired finger look like a triggering position.  My GP referred me to the specialist in SGH and a splint was done to hold the tendon in a permanent position 24/7 for 6 weeks. If the tendon did not join back by itself,  an operation will be required to join them back. I was also told that there could a little dip even if I recovered as the injuiry was quite bad.

I was lucky that not only the tendons joined back by itself, there was no dip at all! My finger was as straight as before. However, I could not bend my finger as it was too stiff. It was an irony that my finger was permanently bend and I seek treatment to get it straighten but now, I need to go for physiotherapy to get my permanently straighten finger to bend!

The total bills came up to almost $500 for a little fall. If you think that having a good medical plan such as an “As-charged” private shield plan is good enough, you may want to think again. This bill size was very small and it will not be payable in a shield plan as it is within the deductible. In order for the shield plans to pay from the 1st dollar, you need to purchase its riders which premiums are payable by cash only. To cover myself, my wife and two children will cost at least $1000 per year. Moreover, there was neither admission to any wards nor there was no surgery done, none of the bills will be payable even if you had purchased the shield riders.

I was lucky to have a personal accident plan that cover myself, my spouse for less than $200 a year and my two kids enjoyed similar coverage for free. I managed to claim every cent of the bill.  And for those who had been reading my blog, you may remember that my elder son had also claimed for his HFMD in August 2010 from this policy.

A  breakdown of my consultation cost & the cheque I received is shown below. I encourage anyone who play sports or  have kids who prefer jumping around than walking or are in higher risk group of contracting HFMD because they are in childcare or other schools to consider this sort of personal accident plan. I got a client who played badminton leisurely and her hand got bruised by a shuttle cock that hit her. She consult a GP and her bills was also fully settled.

Please note that this post serves an a info sharing purpose and is not meant as providing any financial advice.