From the heart of a little child

Daddy, if you know we are hungry,
Know that we are very poor, 
It must break your heart in Heaven,
‘Cause you never insure!  ,

Mama wonders why you didn’t save the cents you threw away,
But since you felt too strong and healthy 
For insurance, people say.

You were taken without warning,
Leaving us to fight alone;
You would have taken your insurance
Daddy, if you had known!

It wasn’t that you didn’t love us,
I recall how dear you were,
But your little child must suffer
‘Cause you failed to save for her.

Mama just can’t make the living.
She’s wearing out, she said!  
I shall have to miss some schooling  
For the sake of a daily bread. 

When she’s gone I guess they will take me 
To a place of charity  
To be clothed and fed;
but Daddy 
It can never be home for me.

Maria’s daddy left her insurance,
And their home will still be theirs.
They’re not hungry. Sometimes Maria
Gives me cast off clothes she wears,
They don’t have to take in sewing. 

Maria’s mama doesn’t cry 
For her daddy left insurance
But you didn’t, Daddy – Why?